Thursday, May 28, 2009

Digital Imaging Review: Kodak Dental 9000 3D System

All digital imaging reviews will evaluate the strengths/weaknesses of each system and will follow the same template.  The following areas will be evaluated: strength of features and advanced functionality, software offerings, safety, and ease of use.  The product being reviewed today will be the Kodak 9000 3D digital imaging system.

Strength of Features and Advanced Functionality:  Grade: B+
The kodak 9000 3D system offers a wide range of features and functionality.  This digital imaging system gives users the ability to capture anatomically correct 3D images in seconds, and then access them directly onscreen.  It also provides a focused field view.  The downside of this system doesn't offer panoramic or cephalometric options.  This enables the user to recieve all the information they need to make the best possible diagnosis.

Software Offerings:  Grade A
This digital system comprehensive imaging software allows you to quickly view both your 2D and 3D images. From measurements to cross sectional slices and 3D volume views, the easy-to-use interface integrates all of the information users need to make a confident and accurate diagnosis.

Safety:    Grade A
The Kodak Dental 9000 3D system offers a greater ratio of high resolution per dose of radiation than most systems. With superior sensor technology, the system's confined region of interest provides a 3D radiation dose similar to that of a panoramic exam, translating to a safe environment for your staff and patients.

Ease of Use:  Grade A-
This digital radiography system featured a face to face design which makes patient positioning easy.  It features two lasers which help position the patient.  It is also wheelchair accessible.  While the system is easy to use, we'd like to see more features to enhance patient stability, ensuring the images will not have to be taken multiple times.

Overall Grade: A
The Kodak Dental 9000 3D is an award winning digital imaging solution.  It excels at multiple areas including safety and softare.  This is a great overall digital imaging system for any practice.  Make sure to request a demo before purchase!

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