Thursday, May 28, 2009

Digital Imaging: Don’t Get Stuck In Decades Past—Digital Imaging Provides Optimum Results

5 Reasons Why Your Medical Provider Should Switch to Digital Imaging

Medical technology is ever changing, evolving in to bigger & better discoveries. Just when you think the industry has uncovered the ‘best’ of the best, an even better development is introduced. The same rings true for dental X-rays. Traditional dental radiography involved using film; however, the industry has since introduced digital imaging—the latest & greatest in dental X-rays.

 If you’re a dentist, you undoubtedly comprehend the high cost associated with staying current & up to date. In fact, it is likely that you’ve purchased equipment in the past because great marketing tactics made you believe you had to have it in order to maintain you’re competitive edge. While that may be true in a few instances, you’ll be pleased with the results you receive from dental digital imaging. Medical facilities nationwide—both dental & beyond—are beginning to pay attention to the amazing results of digital imaging.

 Below are the top five reasons why, if you haven’t done so already, your dental practice should switch to digital imaging. Although it’s been around for a few years, new advancements have made digital imaging a ‘must-have’ in the dental world. Not only will you be making a wise investment, but your patients will appreciate the benefits as well.


Reason #1: Digital Imaging Saves Money

While digital imaging equipment may seem pricey at first, it’s well worth the cost in the long run. Digital imaging systems do not require dental films or chemicals. In a business article in 2008, Norton Healthcare, Inc. in Louisville, Kentucky, claimed it saved $1.5 million annually with digital imaging & an electronic medical records technique ( What’s more, lots of digital imaging companies offer financing options.


Reason #2: Get Accurate Digital Diagnoses

This is perhaps the best component of digital imaging. Advanced technology can work wonders in your office… if it works. With a high approval rating from individuals in the medical & dental worlds, digital imaging gives them the ability to make accurate diagnoses. With clear, high resolution images that can be magnified & manipulated in any way necessary, dentists can make sound judgments & precise decisions.


Reason #3: Save Some Time

Not lots of people look forward to visiting the dentist. Therefore, the less time we have to spend in the chair, the better. Digital imaging allows patients to get in, out & on with their lives. No more countless waiting for the dental film to develop—digital radiography is easy & fast.


Reason #4: Easy to Use & Learn

Sometimes dentists feel intimidated when we purchase a technique that is advanced & detailed. However, digital imaging is intended to make their jobs easier & more accurate. The program is easy to learn & typically does not require manual intervention.


Reason #5: Safety Is Important

As a dentist, you comprehend the significance of safety in your practice. Malpractice lawsuits are turning up in every direction, & you basically cannot afford to damage your reputation & lose your business. Dental digital imaging is much safer than its film counterparts. The images produced by digital radiography are a much higher resolution & emit safe amounts of radiation for your patients & your staff, so you can have peace of mind.

Remember to read digital imaging reviews and ask for a product demo before purchasing any digital imaging equipment.

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